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Moreish Roasted Nuts

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Make these maple and spiced nuts the highlight of your party snack platter.

Roasted pecans and macadamias with maple syrup and spices © Bottle and Brush Studio 2021

Here is a superb snack recipe that most people go “nuts” with when served as a nibble or as part of a party platter. But beware, these babies are so good they will call you for more…! The combination of pecan and macadamia has a lovely contrast in shape, colour and texture. Still, this recipe can also be made with other varieties of nuts, like hazelnuts and walnuts. The nuts are mixed with maple syrup and savoury spices and then gently roasted in the oven. Pure maple syrup is a fantastic tree nectar that offers many health benefits and contains antioxidants. Just make sure to choose “pure” maple syrup, as some commercial brands contain artificial maple flavours mixed with corn syrup. Unfortunately, maple syrup cannot be produced in the Australasia region due to climate, but you’ll never go wrong with pure organic syrups from Québec’s terroir. As for spices, the blend you will choose is what will create a unique savoury flavour to complement the sweet syrup. I recommend blends that include native ingredients, or homemade with dehydrated herbs, seeds, chilis and garlic from the garden. The cajun*-style blends are certainly a great choice if you like it a little spicy. Et voilà!

*Cajun: English deformation of « Cadiens », which designates the Acadian culture (French-speaking Americans and Canadians outside Québec province). The classic spice blend includes thyme, dried garlic and onion, paprika, oregano, pepper, mustard seeds and chilli.

For a snack, with fruits, with soup or with cheese! © Bottle and Brush Studio 2018-22


This recipe is available to purchase as a card at our local points of sale, or by enquiry.



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