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  • Annemarie Bolduc

Sticky Dusty Nuts

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Wine, cheese and spicy maple roasted nuts, a perfect treat to enjoy the moment!

Maple syrup and spices roasted nuts © Bottle and Brush Studio 2021

Here is a superb snack recipe that most people go “nuts” with when served as a nibble or as part of a grazing board platter. But beware, they are so good, you might not be able to stop…! I always have to keep an eye on them and control the rations by hiding them from the sweet and salty toothed man I live with when these have just been prepared… This combination of nuts that originates from our both continents (pecans from North America and macadamias from Australia) is my favourite. I love the contrast in shape, colour and texture of this duo but this recipe can be made with other kinds of nuts as well. The nuts are simply mixed with maple syrup and strong flavoured spices and then gently roasted in the oven. As for spices, I have tried many different blends and find the cajun*-style ones the tastiest choice. There are also two beautiful blends that include native ingredients coming from Australia and Canada, one is Outback Prairie Dust and the other is Warrior’s Spices which I really love. If you get your hands on any of them wherever you are, don’t miss the chance to try them. Now, as an inspiring festive platter for a small cocktail party, pot luck or someone to impress, try serving like this: a little drop of maple syrup (and-or maple sugar flakes) on top of the cheese covered with nuts (and more on the side). Serve this with a lovely bottle of dry white wine if you like for a yummy crunchy cocktail!

*Cajun: English deformation of « Cadiens », which designates the Acadian culture (French speaking American and Canadians outside Québec province). The classic spice blend includes thyme, dried garlic and onion, paprika, oregano, pepper, mustard seeds and chili.

Cool climate Chardonnay and a crunchy cocktail © Bottle and Brush Studio 2018-21

LOCAL PRODUCE FEATURE: Here is the sexy Johansen Wines Chardonnay, from Tumbarumba, a perfect pairing with this platter. Cool climate Chardonnays of this region have this unique crisp flavour. I made that photo session with a bottle from the first edition featuring the new label designs that I had the chance to work on in 2018. After recovering from damages and smoke from the 2020 bushfires, the chardy is back in stock!


This recipe is available to purchase as a card at our local points of sale, or by enquiry.

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