Hi, I'm Annemarie and I currently work in my creative home space and productive backyard on the edge of a charming little town called Tumbarumba. Located by the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, the region is surrounded with mountains, forests, vineyards and farms. In my local and social media circuit, I am tagged as "Snowy Foodie", or Bottle and Brush Studio. I sometimes sell homemade products locally, but my primary professional occupations are photography and graphic design. My favourite activity is to wander through the backyard veggie patches with the chooks and our garden cat... or listen to records while cooking. The garden and kitchen have also become part of the studio with my work of gastronomic photography and recipe development. My goal is to design and publish books, and Snowy Foodie blog has been created as a tool to create my own content. In response to the trauma of the bushfire disaster and pandemic on the same year, in 2020, I found the confidence to share my works in progress into the blogosphere. One life to live!


This project idea started a few years ago when I moved from Montréal to rural Australia to be with my Aussie man. The expat and country life taught me new skills and brought me new interests. Home cooking and the whole process of growing and preserving, while finding passion for "terroir" culinary photography, was revealed to me over time. Re-Invention helped me discover and connect with this new environment but is also a great remedy for homesickness. I am the only French Québécoise living in the region (as I know, so far). Cooking our traditional iconic dishes from scratch with the ingredients I can find in Australia, and sharing about the experience, is how I keep closer with my home culture. I love supporting and promoting local food and beverage from the region, which are often featured in my recipes and posts. Pure maple syrup is of course an essential ingredient that is not produced downunder but is available through importation. My favourite is of course the amber syrup from the Appalachian region where I grew up. Anything with maple is still considered local to me!


Back in the Montréal years, I was working within multiple artistic disciplines. I have college and university degrees in Visual Arts and later gained a professional diploma in Graphic Design. I worked in animation and graphic studios where I forged my career, mainly in event production. For nearly ten years I was full time soaked in a vibrant cultural scene designing promotional material for major events like the world renowned Montreal Jazz Festival. As a genuine music lover, it was a very exciting time, but also exhausting. All these experiences have followed me in my suitcase and are always useful to any cultural work I can contribute to in the Snowy Valleys region. Today I feel more grounded in the slow food culture, but music will always be in shuffle at the studio (and in my drummer man's man cave)!