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Hi, I’m Annemarie, and I am based in Tumbarumba, NSW, Australia. Native from Québec, Canada, I am the Frenchy behind the camera and all these "Snowy Foodie" stories. I currently work in my creative home space and productive backyard on the edge of this charming little town by the Snowy Mountains. The region is surrounded by mountains, forests, vineyards and farms. My primary professional occupations are photography and graphic design. While emerging in "slow food" storytelling, I have started to contribute to gardening magazines since 2022. Offering content including photography, stories and recipes for food and gardening publishing purposes, this new direction has become a major interest to my work. Snowy Foodie blog was basically a recovery project (from homesickness syndrome, the region's bushfire disaster and the global pandemic situation) and was meant to bring positivity to the social media feeds. It became a tool to create content and show samples of my work in progress as a "terroir" food photographer, storyteller and recipe developer. I am currently working on my own cookbook inspired by Québec gastronomy, which is a big goal in progress!


Back in the Montréal years, I experimented with multiple artistic disciplines. For nearly ten years I was full-time soaked in a vibrant cultural scene designing promotional material for major events like the world-renowned Montreal Jazz Festival. As a genuine music lover, being part of a music festival studio team was memorable. After I moved to regional Australia in 2015 (for love!), the expat and country life taught me new skills and brought me new interests. Home cooking and the whole process of growing and preserving, while finding a passion for culinary photography, were revealed to me over time. Today, in my mid-forties, I feel more grounded in the slow food world and in the garden, but music will always shuffle in the house!

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