Annemarie currently lives and works in her creative home space and productive backyard ​in Tumbarumba, Australia. While freelancing graphic design and photography as Bottle and Brush Studio, she occasionally creates and sell homemade products. She is busy with multiple artistic projects but her all-time favourite activity is to wander through the veggie patches with the chooks and garden cat, who assist her most of the day.

Born in the French province of Québec in Canada, she spent most of her life touching upon multiple artistic disciplines. She has college and university degrees in Visual Arts and later gained a professional diploma in Graphic Design. She worked full time for many years at a company that produces the world renowned Montreal Jazz Festival. Designing concert posters of legendary artists like Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, The B52’s, Rufus Wainwright, The Zombies, Feist and so many more was a great moment of career for a music lover like Annemarie. 

The rural "slow living" turn and the new amazing environment where she lives with her Aussie husband has now taken more space in her interests. The enjoyment of improving skills with home cooking and the whole process of producing real food and local produce photography got her into new creative challenges. Re-inventing herself in this direction, she has evolved and simplified a recipe book idea to a blog. Maybe some day this dream of self editing it on actual pages and publishing it in Canada and Australia will come true.

During her first five years of expat life downunder, she collected notes, images, props, tools and whatever knowledge she could to get started on low budget. She decided to start releasing "Snowy Foodie" out there when the covid lockdown started in 2020. Through this, she is hoping to help the beautiful region where she lives to shine again after being devastated by bushfires on that same year, right before the pandemic. In hope to inspire both Canadians and Australians, including Québécois(es) expatriated around the world, Annemarie is thrilled to present you her SNOWY FOODIE blog!