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Here are some of the best published assignments, media and awards since I emerged as "terroir" food photographer.

ABC Organic Gardener magazine #141
May 2023 issue #141 - Article, photos, recipes p. 60-67 + photos p. 78-81.

In the autumn 2023, I was offered to contribute to the organic harvest section of ABC Organic Gardener with a story and some of my recipes. The chosen article features Happy Wombat Hazelnut farm, and the recipes are the Pumpkin and Saffron Risotto and Hazelnut Chocolate Fondue. Being published in a magazine as a photographer and food writer altogether was a new step in my "Snowy Foodie" journey. On top of this, photographs of my bantam chooks are also credited in the poultry section!


ABC Organic Gardener magazine #139
February 2023 issue #139 - Cover + editorial photography pages 55 & 82.

In spring 2022, my first ABC Organic Gardener magazine cover (issue #138) was not even published and I was already offered another cover shoot assignment for the autumn action issue. The brief was to photograph a raised garden bed filled with cool-season produce... and a chook! While the weather was starting to warm up in Tumbarumba, it was a challenging one but as we are located in a cool climate zone, I managed to style something good with what I had (or could find). Styling greens and directing chickens on a patchy moving sky was very challenging but I feel extremely grateful for this backyard shoot experience!


ABC Organic Gardener magazine #138
December 2022 issue #138
Cover + editorial photography pag
es 5,18,20, 42,44,55, 78 to 83.

When I received a response from the ABC Organic Gardener magazine's editor to work with them, this was a great day! This is such a beautiful magazine that inspired me with everything I do with my backyard edible gardening, harvest cuisine and seasonal produce photography. I was not expecting that I'd make a cover shot and a backyard poultry article shoot on my first issue! There are a few more pics inside as well (chosen from my photo libraries) in the preserving and composting articles.


Good Organic Gardening magazine
Autumn 2023 Vol.13 no.6 - Story and photography - pages 24 to 27

In 2022, I got in touch with some of the best Australian gardening magazines for submitting gardening photography. The first response was from Good Organic Gardening. Unfortunately, they were not looking for photographers, but after seeing my website, they offered me to write my story and publish it in the "Gardening Folk" section. The double spread features my gardening journey from Québec to Tumbarumba, and a selection of photos of my garden and all the creatures that live in it (meaning myself, John, Puss, the chooks and some wild birds)!


Foodelia Food Photography Competitions
Award selections

In September 2022, I joined Foodelia, an international food photography competition website. Amongst such great photographers from around the world, I was selected in some of the collections. This baroque-style still-life composition won my first award, click on the image to read the description.


Tumbarumba Vignerons Association
Photography library project

Following the 2019-20 bushfire, the Tumbarumba Vigneron Association offered to create a four-season editorial photography library to show the beauty of cool climate viticulture in the region. Assisted by my husband on the drone and second camera, this project was a collection of adventures that have certainly helped me reach a new level of experience in my photography "in the field". We would have wished to complete all growers' profiles, but it was not all up to us to direct the project, and we will be keen for more vineyard shoots anytime! 


Snowy Foodie
Food and Photography Blog by Annemarie Bolduc

In 2020, after experiencing both a bushfire disaster evacuation and a global pandemic that changed everything, I reinvented myself as a "terroir" photographer and food blogger. I did not completely retire as a graphic designer, but I followed my instincts capturing the beauty of growing produce, backyard gardening, home cooking and local eating.
Snowy Foodie is a sample of a book series in development. Browse it on your desktop and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

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