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Salmon Pie

Updated: Aug 8

Discover the "pâté au saumon", a French Canadian-style pie made with staple ingredients.

Homemade salmon pie served with early spring garden salad • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2018

In Québec, salmon pies are sold at most grocery shops but like the traditional "tourtières" (meat pies), all family have their special recipes. So, since I live now in Australia, like many other dishes, for a little taste of home, I’ve learned how to make this dish from scratch. The Québec-style salmon pie is generally and simply made with a filling of fresh or canned salmon, potatoes and other veggies and spices, baked in between shells of crust. It is usually a standard round family pie and a slice is served with steamed veggies or salad on the side. It is economical and easy to do, but quicker to do from scratch when you have pre-prepared crust dough before and stored it in the freezer. Adapted from my mum’s recipe (the best!), here’s how to make a homemade salmon pie. Her original recipe is flavoured with dried dill, which goes amazingly with fish. But for those like me who love using different fresh culinary herbs from the garden, you can use any of your preferred ones when they are at their best as this pie is an all-season recipe!


A new and improved version is currently in development for my book! Keep following @bottleandbrushstudio for new recipe releases and for updates.

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