• Annemarie Bolduc

Salmon Pie of the Season

Updated: Feb 1

A French Canadian style salmon pie recipe to flavour with any seasonal herbs.

Homemade salmon pie served with early spring garden salad • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2018

This is one of many favourite French Canadian dishes that I have never made home before living abroad. Salmon pies are sold at most grocery shops in Québec and they make an easy weekday lunch or dinner when you don’t have time to cook. In Australia, you can find all sorts of pies in bakeries, but I’ve never seen any salmon ones in our mountain region. In coastal regions, perhaps, you might find something similar, though they could be closer to the Irish-style fisherman’s pie (like a shepherd’s pie but with fish and creamy sauce). So again, for a little taste of home, I’ve learned how to make this from scratch and again, realized it was so simple to do after all. The French Canadian Salmon Pie is generally, and simply is made with a filling of fresh or canned salmon, potatoes and other veggies and spices, baked in between shells of crust. It is usually a standard round family pie and a slice is served with steamed veggies or salad on the side. It is quite simple and economical but quicker to do from scratch when you have pre-prepared crust dough saved in the freezer. Adapted from my mum’s recipe (the best!), here’s how to make a homemade salmon pie. Her original recipe is flavoured with dill, which goes amazingly with fish, but for those like me who love using different fresh culinary herbs from the garden when they are at their best, here are some suggestions for each seasons!


INGREDIENTS (filling for one family size pie):

4 to 6 medium potatoes, peeled

1 large carrot, finely diced

2 tbsp butter

Milk (about a cup, to desired texture)

2-3 spring onions or 1 small onion, finely chopped

1 tin (415g) of certified sustainable wild salmon (pink or sockeye), drained and flaked

A small bunch of dried or fresh herbs of choice (suggestions by seasons):

Spring: Chive or Tarragon

Summer: Dill or Lemon thyme

Autumn: Thyme or Thai basil

Winter: Parsley or Coriander

Salt and pepper

2 pie dough disks (got to Crust for all pies basic recipe)

1 egg (to golden the crust)

PREPARATION: Use your favourite homemade pie crust method or got to Crust for all pies basic recipe.

Boil potatoes and carrots separately and drain water when cooked.

Leave potatoes in the saucepan and mash, adding butter and milk.

Incorporate the salmon, spring onions, carrots, herbs, salt and pepper.

Mix well and let the mixture cool down a little before filling the pies.

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