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Rosemary Black Salt

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

A stunning gourmet blend to create using fresh herbs and some activated charcoal sea salt.

Fresh rosemary from the garden and black salt • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2018

Creating different salt blends with herbs from the garden is something I like to do each year. Not only do they bring natural flavour, but filled into a little jar, they make a beautiful present. Herb salts can be made with most culinary herbs as long as there is an equal part of salt, as it is the preservative. The blend can last up to a year or even more if well stored. The healthiest choice is to buy salts with no additives or chemicals. If you’re using activated charcoal sea salt, using it as a finishing salt only is recommended as it could result in a grey tint and look less chic. You can choose whatever herbs suit you and infuse the salt by drying it all blender together at low temperature in the oven. I particularly love the rosemary's aroma and the black salt's look. Sprinkled lightly on various foods, rosemary black salt will not only intensify the flavour of your dish, but it will create a stunning visual impact that will not fail to impress. Use on food such as fish, chicken, potatoes, salads, cucumbers, cauliflowers, pumpkin soup or any light-coloured food.



200g (large bowl of sprigs) of fresh Rosemary

200g of black sea salt flakes

About 12 small jars* of 40g

* Clean and sterilise jars and lids and ensure they are dry before filling.


Wash the herbs and remove the leaves from the sprig.

Combine the leaves with salt in a food processor to chop the mixture (a rough grind will keep the nice black colour and chunky salt).

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees and put baking paper on a cookie baking dish.

Spread the chopped mix onto the dish and cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

Turn off the oven and let it dry (in the oven) for 15 minutes or more while it is still warm.

Remove the tray and let cool and dry for another 30 minutes or so.

Divide the mixture into jars and seal well. Store in a cool & dark place for one year (or more if well stored).


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