• Annemarie Bolduc

Rosemary Black Salt

Updated: Jan 9

An easy gourmet blend to create with fresh herbs and some activated charcoal sea salt.

Fresh rosemary from the garden and black salt • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2018

Creating different salt blends with herbs from the garden is something I like to do each year for my market stall. Only using rosemary and black salt, this is a simple recipe idea that brings lots of character into a dish. Black salt is a finishing activated charcoal sea salt. It has better health benefits than regular table salt, as it requires no additives or chemicals. It is not recommended to use this salt in the cooking process, however, as it could result to a grey tint and would look less chic. You can choose whatever herbs suit you and infuse the salt by drying it all mixed together in the oven. I particularly love the aroma of the rosemary. I am not the only one as the little jars I was selling on our market stall for a little while were some of our most popular item. Sprinkled lightly on a variety of foods, rosemary black salt will not only intensify the flavour of your dish, but it will create a stunning visual impact that will not fail to impress. Use on food such as fish, chicken, potatoes, salads, cucumbers, cauliflowers, pumpkin soup or any light-coloured food.


Stay tuned for all recipes in my upcoming book!

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