• Annemarie Bolduc

Celery Leaves Salt

Updated: Feb 3

An easy way to make this seasoning is to infuse salt with celery leaves in the oven.

Homegrown celery leaves blended in salt • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2018

When growing my own celery in the veggie patch, I found that the dark green leaves were so much more tasty than the blanched ones from the supermarkets and are so nice to flavour a dish. It can be used like herbs and spread over plate as a finishing like parsley. Just after I moved in Australia, I felt like making an old Bloody Caesar cocktail… and I went huhhhh! Not only I could not find any jar of celery salt but nor could I find any clamato juice - the essentials! So later on I simply made my own celery salt… and substituted the clamato juice (that no one seems enthusiastic about around here) with tomato juice like a Bloody Mary when making this occasional cocktail. There is always a way and that’s just one of the many things I’ve learned to do living abroad with different food products. And what else to season with this celery salt on? Pretty much anything that celery taste can go well with like soups for example. The commercial celery salt I knew is usually made with the seeds and salt but with dried homegrown leaves, the taste is pretty much as good if not better!


Stay tuned for all recipes in my upcoming book!

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