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Garlic & Herbs Salt

Updated: Jan 7

The taste of a summer garden captured in a jar of homemade seasoning!

Garlic and Herbs Salt sprinkled on cucumbers slices • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2020

This salt blend is a homemade version of the old “herbamare”. With the addition of homegrown garlic and herbs, this salt is so tasty! Sea salt has preservative virtues, so fresh ingredients blended with it can last for up to a year if dried and stored well. I make little batches of this blend every summer for myself and to share. There is no need for a dehydrator to make this; the oven-drying method works well enough when done correctly. When garlic is harvested and ready to use in early summer, I always keep the odd smaller heads for drying and making preserves like this salt. I go into the garden with a big bowl and pick a mix of the luscious herbs I find to make this seasoning. The herbs I usually use, unless they are not available or gone to seed for this, are basil, oregano, chives, parsley, rosemary and thyme, but the choice is yours. Try sprinkling it on some cucumber slices or other fresh vegetables… it makes a better snack choice for salty tooth cravers (like me)!


Stay tuned for all recipes in my upcoming book(s)!


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