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Garlic & Herbs Salt

The flavour of a summer garden in a jar of homemade seasoning!

Garlic and Herbs Salt sprinkled on cucumbers slices • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2020

This salt blend is basically a homemade version of the old “herbamare”. We all know salt is best if used moderately but with the addition of homegrown garlic and herbs, it’s a little healthier and so tasty! Sea salt has preservative virtues and fresh ingredients blended with it can last for up to a year if dried and stored well. Every year I make little batches of this blend for myself and to share as it is the most versatile one for cooking or finishing a dish. There is no need for a dehydrator to make this, the oven drying method works well enough when done correctly. Every year I have been taking notes and improving the recipes to get the perfect balance of ingredients and drying time. When garlic is harvested and ready to use in early summer, I just go into the garden with a big bowl and pick a mix of the luscious herbs I find to make this seasoning. The herb combination I prefer for this is basil, oregano, chives, parsley, rosemary and thyme. I used to call it the “Italian salt blend” but I thought that “garlic and herbs” is more universal. Sprinkle it on some cucumber slices or other fresh vegetables… it makes a better choice of snack for salty tooth cravers (like me)!


Stay tuned for all recipes in my upcoming book!

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