• Annemarie Bolduc

Courgette Pickles

Updated: Feb 19

There is no better way to preserve abundant zucchinis than a good jar of pickles!

Homemade pickles and homegrown courgettes © Bottle and Brush Studio 2021

Any backyard veggie growers know that all varieties of summer squash are a must as they are such easy growing plants. Courgettes (zucchinis) and button squash are extremely high producing crops and very versatile vegetables that can be cooked in many different ways, even desserts. You can have them for every-day meals most of the summer, swap with friends and neighbours and also try some preserving recipes. When I discovered zucchini pickles in a pickling workshop a few years back, this was a revelation. They can be made the same way as cucumber pickles and I reckon they are much better as the texture is firmer. All summer squash varieties can be sliced and packed in a jar with brine and spices and last for a year if processed and stored properly. Every season I use a recipe that I adapted to my taste from this workshop. Mustard and caraway seeds, turmeric and black peppercorn give those pickles a unique taste and look. Homemade pickles can be served with anything really. We like them on a grazing plate, on the side with salmon pie, topped on a bagel or bread with cream cheese, in burgers, and on prosciutto or salami sandwiches. The excess pickling brine can be used to make a salad dressing and quick fridge pickles. And extra jars of homegrown and homemade zucchini pickles always are appreciated as a gift.

Summer burgers with garden courgette pickles © Bottle and Brush Studio 2021


Stay tuned for all recipes in my upcoming book!

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