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Welcome & bienvenue

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

A first post introducing the voice and language of Snowy Foodie.

Blue spruce tree in our Aussie backyard © Bottle and Brush Studio 2017

Bonjour, I’m Annemarie, in one word, no hyphenation. I’m from Québec (Canada) and live in the Snowy Valleys region of New South Wales in Australia. In 2015, I said “yes” to a big life change and moved here with my Aussie man, whom I met in Montreal years before. From what I know, no other French Canadians are living in this region (only me!). As a French speaker, writing posts in my second language is a little more challenging, but with a little help from my friends, there are always improvements (to my Aussie slang too). With understanding readers, nothing should be lost in translation. I first wanted to present this blog in a bilingual form as I will have topics to interest both my home and adoptive cultures. The reason why I have decided to start this in English only, for now, is mainly time, low budget and it's the environment where I currently live and work. Maybe someday this will be translated “en bon français” as I do care about preserving my Québec French language and connecting with my culture.

Contemplating • Adelong Falls, NSW, Australia © John Riddell 2019

Images say more than words to a visual artist like myself. I reinvented my whole outlook when I realized how much I was passionate about terroir food, gardening and photography I just love browsing recipe books and gardening magazines filled with great stories and pictures. That inspired me. I started to dream about making a cookbook in my first year living downunder while being seriously enthusiastic about gardening and home cooking. Back then, I could not imagine how enormous the work was to get there. But it did not stop me. The expat and small business life gives you no choice but to become active in the social media world and this is where things can be possible to get started. Exercising my voice into this little blog is a good practice and a good way to create content.

Photography session in a corn field • Varennes, Qc, Canada © Gaetan Bolduc 2019

As a tribute to my Québec culture, which I-will-never-forget and my Australian mountains region that not many know about overseas, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Snowy Foodie, a blog that connects my two favourite places, the love of growing food, and playing with it. My feet are in Australia now but my heart is just right in the middle all the time. If you've got any questions or comments, get in touch. The blog comment options are off for now, so I can keep concentrating on continuing my content photography, writing and freelancing work. You are very welcome to use the contact form of the website or by messenger for any enquiries.


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