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Terroir: translated

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The old “Terroir” term comes from the French winemaking industry and there is no equivalent English word... but means everything for down-to-earth foodies!

What is "TERROIR" in many words • Graphic Design © Bottle and Brush Studio 2020

This is a word you might hear from me sometimes as I have re-invented and "tagged" my work toward “terroir photography”. As a French speaker, it suits me well to keep this as it is because there is no English word for it anyway! In Québec, where I am from, the term Produit du terroir is branded to any local food products. In France, the word terroir is associated with the wine industry as winemakers and experts have developed this concept of observation for centuries. It is a complex term, but the fact terroir comes from the word "terre" means simply soil and earth. All food that grows from the ground and trees can be considered as a product of terroir. Cheese and animal products, more likely artisanal, are also included. Each region, climate and country has its environmental factors affecting crop characteristics. One is the climate and surrounding nature of the location. The components of the soil and geographical terrain also have an important factor on all plants. The other aspect is the traditions and techniques from human interaction from different cultures that bring the character of the produce.

What is "TERROIR" in multiple images • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio

I find everything about the artisanal local food and beverages beautiful, including the produce's context and story of the making. I was first going to name this blog “Terroir Foodie” but my Aussie husband was a little worried about the potential confusion with “terror” and suggested “Snowy Foodie”. I feel grateful to be discovering so much about the slow food culture and progressing my work in an agriculturally rich environment with an amazing terroir. Working with growers, producers and makers has certainly taught me many good things and inspired me to become a terroir, garden and food content creative.

What is "TERROIR" in multiple images • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio


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