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Late Winter Green Soup

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

A nutritious custom puree soup recipe to make with a combination of seasonal greens.

Bowl of a nutritious winter green soup • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2020

As winter takes its last breath, we sometimes need some immune re-boosting, a warm and healthy nutrient rich meal to keep strong. It is not unusual to be sick in the cold season and feel tired. Soups are great remedies for winter colds and a good break from the rich comfort food we tend to be more indulgent with in winter. There are many choices of green vegetables in season that can be used in this puree and super greens like kale and spinach can already be harvested from the garden in the climate where we are. The potato makes a good addition to the creamy texture of the puree but that is optional. Green split peas offer protein to make this a nourishing vegetarian meal. Spring is just around the corner and green is the colour that feeds our eyes, body, mind and hopes. This is an open recipe to use as a base of a custom soup to make with green ingredients of your choice, and that is all!



1 full broccoli, chopped

Leaves of kale or spinach (about 6 large or 12 small), chopped

2 green onions or 1 leek, chopped

1 garlic clove, minced

1 large potato, roughly diced (optional)

3/4 cup green split peas

4-5 cups vegetable stock (depending on desired thickness)

1 tbsp olive oil

Pinch of thyme (fresh or dry)

Sea salt (infused with herbs or regular)


PREPARATION: In a large pot, stir the vegetables in oil for few minutes.

Add peas, herbs and seasoning.

Stir well and add stock.

Cover and simmer at medium heat for about 30 minutes.

Turn off heat and let the soup sit and cool slightly.

Puree with a handheld immersion blender.

Serve with croutons (toasted bread)

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