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Pok Pok Bowl

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Inspired by poké bowls, this is a creative and easy lunch idea to make with hard-boiled eggs.

Egg poké bowl salad for lunch • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2019

I might be working from home (and on a food blog), but most of the time I don’t spend too much time making lunch. At busy times, I find easy ideas by just using some cooked leftovers from the previous meal with the addition of some freshness picked in the garden. Finding different ways to renew a dish can really change the perspective of something quite ordinary and helps to reduce food waste. I like to diversify our meals and make them appealing, maybe that’s the visual artist in me, but we all eat with our eyes first. That is what I find interesting with the concept of the “poké bowl”, where different colours and textures of ingredients, cut in slices or little pieces are arranged in groups and form a little piece of art. The original Hawaiian dish is made with raw fish cubes and marinades but popular modern variations combine anything that complements together with rice and other garnishing elements. When making something adapted and inspired at home, there is no need for strict rules! Just with imagination, rice and other bits and pieces, you can make a beautiful express bowl in the poké way. Hard-boiled eggs can replace fish as the protein source if those are not readily available and affordable, living inland. In this dish, I have simply combined an egg with some black rice and leftover cooked potatoes, fresh lettuce, radish, snow peas and coriander leaves. I topped this all with some pre-roasted sunflowers seeds* and my favourite syrup dressing. Delicious, quick, easy, appetizing, fun and economic!

*Useful tip I got from my mum: Prepare roasted seeds or nuts and store them in a jar, in the fridge to be ready to go on some express salads and pesto.


Stay tuned for all recipes in my upcoming book!


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