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Black Truffle Poutine

Updated: Jan 14

When some fresh cheese curds and black truffle once met in my little Aussie kitchen, this little rare poutine also called "Mission Impossible" was accomplished!

Homemade classic poutine topped with fresh grated truffle • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2018

Homemade Truffle poutine, I’ve been fortunate to improvise, photograph and taste this one. This was only a sudden experiment on a sunny winter day as part of my first photo session with poutine...! Québec cheese curds are tough to find outside our belle province, which meant this was a rare chance I couldn’t pass up. For this photo, we were back from a little two-hour drive to taste and bring home some cheese curds from a new artisan cheese shop (fromagerie) as at that time they had poutine on their menu. The cheese was refrigerated, so the “squeakiness” effect disappeared (this cheese is at its best at room temperature in the first 24 hours). But I must admit, that was close enough for what I could find so far in Australia. If you are in Québec, that unique cheese is not rare and expensive… but freshly hunted truffle is. Black Perigord truffle is unsuitable for the coldest winter conditions, like North America, and would more likely be imported from France. Truffles are cultivated in the Snowy Valleys region and available locally in season. Both fresh truffles and cheese curds have a concise life, so getting those two ingredients simultaneously made it all very special!

Photography and "Mission Impossible Poutine" creation © Bottle and Brush Studio 2018


This recipe is published in ABC Organic Gardener Magazine issue #142 Winter 2023.


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