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Maple & Vegemite Beef Stew

Updated: Aug 10

A taste of Canada and Australia in one little beef stew pot!

Beef stew with flavours of our both cultures • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2021

I have always loved this simple slow-cooked dish that can be made in a cocotte (cast iron casserole) on the stovetop. I adapted this recipe to fit a medium or small casserole and that can just be doubled if you wish to make a big pot (extra leftovers are great for making pies!). What makes this one special is that the dish is flavoured with Maple Syrup (Québec’s favourite native sugar, of course!). Maple syrup is loved for its many virtues, unique taste, health benefits, and versatility. It is a great ingredient to flavour meat, from BBQ marinades to roasts and slow-cooked dishes. In my little Aussie kitchen, I made a little twist by adding a touch of Vegemite (an iconic thick and dark spread made with leftover brewer’s yeast). You either love or hate the spread, but as a flavouring, it has an interesting savoury character that marries beautifully with the sweetness of maple syrup. Like the Maple and Bacon Baked Beans recipe, the contrast of flavours works perfectly. If you don’t have Vegemite you can try this recipe with some Marmite (the British version) or just add a pinch of salt. Bon appétit!


A new and improved version with whisky is currently in development for my book! Keep following @bottleandbrushstudio for new recipe releases and for updates.

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