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Fondue for two

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Inspired by the traditional Québec-style fondue feast, from scratch and for two.

Québec style "Fondue Chinoise" dinner • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio

I have to introduce the concept of this traditional Québec fondue we call a Fondue Chinoise. There are absolutely no Asian ingredients in our version but it has been adapted from the Chinese communal hot-pot feast and the Swiss Bourguignonne fondues. Along with the cheese fondue, they have been popularized in North America in the 50s. Most of my generation grew up with these convivial, never-ending dinners on special occasions. This broth has red wine in it and the whole dinner flows well with it. It comes with a “rule” that if you drop a piece in the pot, you kiss the person sitting on your left. In a fondue for two, well, you can kiss the person on your right, too...! Before moving to Australia, I had never made a fondue from scratch. In Québec, all fondue products are readily available at supermarkets (like dipping sauces, broth tins, and extra fine sliced meat trays, including beef, chicken, pork, dear, duck, bison, etc.). It is a gathering meal to enjoy slowly in a group. While it is not as popular here Downunder, I developed a recipe for two and shared it with my hubbie, during the pandemic lockdown. He's not so patient with fondue but had no choice then...!

Québec style "Fondue Chinoise" homemade broth • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio

If you are curious to give it a go but not sure to like it, keep an eye out in your local op shops! This fondue set was a second-hand cast iron quality one that I found for only $2!


A new and improved version is currently in development for my book! Keep following @bottleandbrushstudio for new recipe releases and for updates.

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