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Homemade Citrus Cordial

Updated: 17 hours ago

Make your “squash” concentrate with freshly squeezed juice of any citrus.

Homemade cordial with freshly picked cumquats • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2019

A cordial is a concentrated non-alcoholic syrup flavoured with fruit juice and is also called a “squash”. Traditional ones are made with elderflower, berries, ginger or citrus. Only a little drop of the syrupy liquid diluted with flat or soda water makes a lovely sweet-at-your-taste drink and can be added to cocktails. Citrus harvesting season is in winter and when living where they grow, you can sometimes end up with loads of beautiful organic ones. There are so many recipes and preserving ways that I’ve learned and experimented with while living in Australia. For my later summer refreshing drinks, I make a few bottles of cordial with any citrus I get. Those can be kept for 12 months if well stored. As we get many cumquats on the family farm, my favourite citrus homemade cordials are often made with cumquat or mixed with cumquat and lemon juice. With natural ingredients and lower sugar than any commercial soft drink, I’m enjoying my little citrus potions without guilt!

Lemon and cumquat citrus cordial © Bottle and Brush Studio 2020


This recipe is available to purchase as a card at our local points of sale, or by enquiry.


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