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Berry Smoothie Bowls

A bowl of goodness to make and enjoy with any frozen berries!

Blueberry pudding cake • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2021

If you grow and pick your berries, you are the first to touch them, and they will be clean, firm and bursting with fresh juice. This is when they are at their best but won’t be as good for long, even stored in the fridge. If you get too many simultaneously and wish to save them for later, ensure you are freezing some immediately. It is preferable not to wash them as they will keep too much water and freeze in a block. Grown organically means they will be free from harmful chemicals, but ensure they are free from impurities and insects, and store them in the freezer in recycled yogurt or ice cream containers. You might use frozen fruits for cooking jams, desserts, or smoothies. If you don’t grow your own, look for organic berry farms or farmer markets near you. In this case, washing them is preferable, but you can also buy frozen berries at the supermarket.

Smoothie time • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2022-23

Smoothies are my favourite and easiest way to use frozen berries. You can drink them but also make them thicker and serve them in a bowl with a spoon. A smoothie bowl is almost like a frozen yogurt but juicier with plenty of fruit! Any berries can be used, and keeping some extras to top the bowl makes a stunning look. This makes a perfect mid-morning morning refreshing energy boost and will cool you down on a hot gardening day!


This recipe is published in ABC Organic Gardener Magazine issue #146, Summer 2023-24.

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