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Autumn Harvest Chutney

Updated: Mar 26

When apples and tomatoes meet in my kitchen in early autumn, it’s chutney cooking time!

Homemade chutney with seasonal produce • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2022

There is a peak in the backyard harvest season when everything comes simultaneously, which usually means spending more time in the kitchen to preserve the extras. Chutney is a condiment I never knew much about before living in Australia. It could be just that there is no French word for it and that relishes and tomato sauces (ketchup type) are more of a common homemade condiment in Québec. Vinegar, sugar, and spices are used as preservatives in all of these condiments, but the difference is that chutney is chunky, has a soft consistency, and contains fruit. I love the tomato and apple one, especially this recipe. It is the taste of autumn saved in jars as also other veggies are chopped in it!

Time for some chutney • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2022

I have to mention that my chutney already entered a competition and won first prize in the tomato and apple chutney category at a traditional agricultural country show (the Batlow Show). The recipe contains some Batlow apples and a mix of my garden produce, including tomatoes, garlic and chilis. You can have this with anything to substitute ketchup (tomato sauce) with burgers, sausages, French fries (chips), grilled cheese, pies, etc. Spice up and colour your brunch, lunch or dinner with a spoon of this autumn harvest chutney!

A winner chutney! • Photography © Bottle and Brush Studio 2022


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